Tuesday 12 August 2014

The ?uestion Mark Creative Challenge.

The ?uestion Mark Creative Challenge!
An exciting project happening in Berkshire and beyond linking with Big Draw's 'Our World' theme.

A community based project to promote Art and Creativity and to celebrate our individual minds. Two thousand Children aged 7-11 involved in this project. This is not a competition, but rather a challenge to engage with and create a visual outcome en masse.

What, When and Where?
Around 2,000 local children will participate making drawings based on a question mark doodle as starting point.
Project happens in schools.

23-24 October in schools and 25 October at Craft Coop (Maidenhead)
Primary schools in and around Berkshire, England are invited to register now for this event. Limited to 2000 participants.
All materials supplied to provide a uniform scenario to create from.
*Art groups (children) and schools around the world are also invited to take part in this project electronically. The same template can be printed and used for drawings. 
This is free and can be done at any time from 17 October - 2 November 2014. Images to be shared on Instagram

An A3 sheet printed with guidelines and a template of a question mark doodle Derwent 'Inktense' pencil supplied.
The doodle is the starting point of each individual creation, it can be used in any direction.
Drawings will happen in black pencil only, no colour involved.

Three themes relating to Our World to give guidance.
1.Natural World: Think about what is found in the the sea, sky and land. Living things with wings, flippers, beaks, claws and paws.
2. Small World: Bees, bugs, butterflies, other mini beasts and creepy crawlies.
3. Imaginary World: Weird and wonderful, think Out of the Box! Pretty Pattern, Portrait, Profile, Prototype, Peculiar Invention - Your choice.

Where and How much?
23-24 October - In participating schools, project during school hours. (£1.50 per participant)
25 October - Drawing event at Craft Coop Maidenhead (£1 per participant)
Online: Art groups Internationally (children) are invited to take part.
The template can be printed on an A3 paper and drawings in black (free)
Fees are required to cover cost of overheads and prizes.
As part of the focus of promoting creativity, all schools participating will be offered arts training for one KS2 teacher over two Twilight sessions (3-6pm) in a local Berkshire school setting.
The focus of the sessions will be on acrylic painting and printing techniques from water colour to textile printing.

Awards to acknowledge Originality and Creativity, Derwent pencil box sets and art materials awarded through sponsors.
All drawings will be used within wider community displays and 200 drawing outcomes will be featured at the Windsor Contemporary Art Fair as a special exhibition. Hospitals, libraries and art centres will be involved as display areas.
A curated exhibition of drawings will happen at the Norden Farm Arts Centre early 2015.

Possible additional outcomes:
Prints: large scale wall paper sized decals for hospitals, libraries and community centers, this depends on funding.
Publication: A creative guide/drawing/doodle book featuring 200+drawings.
Animation: Possibilities also include Secondary schools and other Artists’ involvement in creating animations based on selected drawings.
To be part of this event and to register interest please email



  1. Hi Este, could you please send me the details, proforma etc, as I would like to do it with my class, in Tasmania.
    The school is Albuera Street Primary School in Hobart.
    Christine Moore

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