Wednesday 19 November 2014

Paintings as Textile Designs

My original arts training back in the late 1980's was in textile design, pre computer aided design, so very old school. I am thankful for that grounding, and my specialism of silk screen printing, but today I am amazed at just what can be printed digitally on fabrics of all descriptions.

This week I entered a competition. Pillowfight is an online competition, view my four entries here. Anyone can buy my designs as pillows as well, and I am having a GIVEAWAY.

One of these cushions will be given away!
To go into the draw to win a cushion just mention which is your favourite, the image with most votes will be given away to anyone who've left a comment either on this blog post, or on my facebook page.
Winner announced on EsteMacLeodBlogspot on 1 December 9pm.
A Colourful day.

Birds of paradise

A Bit of Magic


Sunday 9 November 2014

Auction of two paintings for Starfish Greathearts

I've enjoyed working with a floral theme and created two drawings for a charity I support.
Starfish is an AIDS charity and two 12"x12" paintings are used to fundraise.
Via justgiving Two Birds is being raffled. By donating as little as £1 you could be in line to win this painting, worldwide shipping included.

A guilded painting featuring a poppy is also being auctioned. Starting on Rememberance Sunday, Red Flower will be sold to the highest bidder via online biddings to conclude on 13 November at Starfish's Care to Taste event.

More paintings available via Este MacLeod