Sunday 18 January 2015

New work on ETSY

One of my aims for 2015 is to create more art as paintings as well as designs.
I love creating these ones featuring birds and flowers. These will become textile designs as well.
New prints and a few paintings have been added to my page, available with a 10% discount offer this week on all items.

Have a look in ETSY

Bird and Butterflies. 40x40cm Acrylic on deep stretched canvas. Original and prints available

'A blanket of snow' A new print available on Etsy.

Saturday 10 January 2015

New year, new ideas.

Flying fish acrylic on linen, AVAILABLE

New beginnings!

2014 was a great year for me and I have got some exciting plans for a busy and eventful 2015.
More of my paintings will be turned into textile designs and surface decoration.
Next week 50 of my current designs will be on show at Printsource in New York 13-14 January, I am represented by Cultivate Art Collective.
In January a few more small paintings will also be made available directly from my studio via ETSY
In July I will be doing an interactive painting project over four days at Art in Action more on this later.

Sign up..
More details about Art workshops, demos and events coming up soon, as well as possible short e-courses towards the end of 2015.
I am an GOLDEN paint artist educator, and workshops and demos will focus on some techniques and methods I use for creating my paintings.
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Felix - sold painting, prints available via ETSY

Buttons and Birds SOLD prints available via ETSY