Wednesday 10 September 2014

Let's Draw!

The Question Mark Creative Challenge!

Join in this dynamic Drawing event, part of Big Draw 2014.

An exciting project involving schools, children in arts groups in the UK and globally.
Art has the role in education of helping children become like themselves instead of more like everyone else. Sydney Gurewitz Clemens
23-24 October UK schools 
25 October Craft Coop Maidenhead
23 October-2 November Global participation.

First option: Primary schools in Berkshire and surrounds: 
Berkshire Primary schools are invited to take part in this drawing challenge.
Children aged 7-11 will make drawings based on the challenge. 

All Primary schools in Berkshire and surrounds are invited to register (Deadline 3 October).
 An A3 sheet printed with guidelines and a template of a question mark doodle plus a Derwent 'Inktense' pencil supplied to be used for drawings.

Drawings are created starting with a question mark doodle printed on a sheet.
· Project will happen during school time 23-23 October, 30 minutes allowed for drawing.
Fee: £1.50 per participant.

Big Draw 2014's theme is Our World, the challenge use the subthemes to add guidance.

1.Natural World: 
Living things found in the sea, sky and land. Things with wings, flippers, beaks, claws and paws.  
2.Small World: 
Bees, bugs, butterflies, mini beasts, creepy crawlies.         
3.Imaginary World: 
Weird and wonderful: Pretty Pattern, Portrait, Profile, Prototype, Peculiar Invention - Your choice. 


Exhibitions: Drawings shown at Windsor Contemporary Art Fair and Norden Farm Arts Centre.
Possible additional outcomes:
 Prints, a Publication and an Animation project. 
FREE dedicated arts sessions offered for KS2 teachers for all participating local schools.

Second Option: Let's Draw at Craft Coop on 25 October 10-3pm.Part of the Families Festival and Big Draw. Everyone welcome to make Question mark related drawings on sheets and large boards to be documented. 
Drop in and join in creating a visual outcome en masse.

Third option: Global participation.
Involving youth art groups, schools an anyone aged 4-14 anywhere to create drawings by either downloading the Questionmark guide sheet or alternatively improvise and make a question mark inspired drawing relating to Our World
Dates: 23 October and 2 November.
Share Drawings via Instagram #?uestionmarkchallenge to be added to blog later, or used in Norden farm exhibition slide show.

To be part of this event please email for detailed info, or leave a message below.

*This project is an Este MacLeod Creative Incentive*.·

Saturday 6 September 2014

'Look Closely' New Painting now available as print.

This fantasy painting is now available as A3 (40x30cm) sized giclee print. 
Prints are not signed or limited. 
Bigger sizes are available on request.
Prints also available at £39 on

To go into the draw for the giveaway find the animals (and insects) in this artwork, leave a message with the total in this blog page or on my Facebook page.

Winner announced 14 September!

Friday 5 September 2014

Embracing Digital Technology

'Midsummer' a painting I completed last July was one of the winners in the Bags of love's silk scarf contest recently. Even though I am a full time painter now, my original training was as a textile designer specialising in surface pattern design and silk screen printing. It is remarkable how our lives are influenced by digital technology, and even though I do not do much designing on computers at this point, I just love the fact that a 1mx1m painting can be photographed and the image used for a mulitcoloured crisply printed textile.
I see wonderful options and ideas blossomming for applications of my paintings and designs. I am selling through Spoonflower as well, and the range will expand further in September.

This is a towel printed with the 'Midsummer' design.

Silk scarf printed with 'Midsummer' design.