Tuesday 19 August 2014

Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search Contest entry.

This is my entry for the contest: Theme 'Little Terrariums'

Brief: A 7x9" Wall based artwork (print) relating to the theme of little terrariums. Audience: adult or chilren.
After considering this, I thought I'd make an artwork that covers both, adult and children, and I looked at artist who's work I admire, with a whimsical style. Miro, Klee, Chagall and Kandinsky fall into this category.

What did I want my Terrarium artwork to achieve?
It has to draw you in, colours to be lush, rich and somehow soothing. I am a colourist, and this is what I thrive on really, colour as supposed to the subject matter.
Colour interior trends for 2015 and using shapes and icons that I feel resemble my style in general had to be kept in mind. I relied heavily on my training as an (old school) textile designer to make something commercially viable, yet true to my own style.
Oh yes, words, it had to contain words, as a rule I do not like using words in art. 'Look closely, the beautiful may be small' Immanuel Kant qoute. was used.

So I ended up with an artwork I can imagine as a print, in something like a kitchen or conservatory. Possibly a playroom...Something you can get distracted by, playful, a bit of escapism.

Sunday 17 August 2014

Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainty. Erich Fromm

I'm taking part in a Blog hop, being invited by http://gabriellabuckingham.blogspot.co.uk/. The questions posed for this posting are the following: What am I working on? How does it differ from others in this genre? Why do I create what I do? and How does my creative process work>

What am I working on?

I am working on paintings for a selection of galleries and exhibitions, I am also working on a drawing project involving children 7-11 as part of an incentive to happen alongside The Big Draw event.

I'm focussing on Fantasy and Floral paintings at the moment. Being affected by seasons, the work seem more summery right now.

How does it differ from others in this genre?

Mmm, difficult to answer since I cannot be objective, for one I am basically a full time painter with a strong design foundation. With extensive training as a textile designer, my paintings are stylised with an emphasis on colour and shapes. I am also a designer with work being licensed for prints and products. I like to apply myself in different ways, apart from Textile design training, I have a BA honours degree in Ceramics with Glass, and an MA in Jewellery design, so I enjoy an element of applied arts as well. Predominantly I do however see myself as a painter.

Why do I create what I do?

I've been an artist for as long as I can remember, I've never wanted to be anything other. As I get older I use the experiences in new experimental ways. I realised that just because one is trained in a certain specialism it does not mean you cannot adapt and diversify. For example, I am a painter, but now after 25 years I am able to once again create designs usable for textile and surface decoration, derived from paintings. Technology allows new ways of application, and this is very exciting.

Happy Day, a painting also used as a textile design.

How does my creative process work?

Well, as mentioned I fall back on experiences gained from being a full time artist. Playing with form and colour and happy accidents offer new ways of creating paintings and designs. Not being too precious about what you have created so far. In short, I agree with Erich Fromm: Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainty. Wonderful things happen when you do.

Still life painting evolving into a fantasy painting.

Wednesday 13 August 2014

Marvelous Mussi, Cleo the Queen of Mosaic artists.

This artist is just such an inspiration to me. Cleo Mussi's whimsical, striking mosaic art.

She works with such flair and humour.
An exhibition 'All Consuming' is currently on in Stroud.

Tuesday 12 August 2014

The ?uestion Mark Creative Challenge.

The ?uestion Mark Creative Challenge!
An exciting project happening in Berkshire and beyond linking with Big Draw's 'Our World' theme.

A community based project to promote Art and Creativity and to celebrate our individual minds. Two thousand Children aged 7-11 involved in this project. This is not a competition, but rather a challenge to engage with and create a visual outcome en masse.

What, When and Where?
Around 2,000 local children will participate making drawings based on a question mark doodle as starting point.
Project happens in schools.

23-24 October in schools and 25 October at Craft Coop (Maidenhead)
Primary schools in and around Berkshire, England are invited to register now for this event. Limited to 2000 participants.
All materials supplied to provide a uniform scenario to create from.
*Art groups (children) and schools around the world are also invited to take part in this project electronically. The same template can be printed and used for drawings. 
This is free and can be done at any time from 17 October - 2 November 2014. Images to be shared on Instagram

An A3 sheet printed with guidelines and a template of a question mark doodle Derwent 'Inktense' pencil supplied.
The doodle is the starting point of each individual creation, it can be used in any direction.
Drawings will happen in black pencil only, no colour involved.

Three themes relating to Our World to give guidance.
1.Natural World: Think about what is found in the the sea, sky and land. Living things with wings, flippers, beaks, claws and paws.
2. Small World: Bees, bugs, butterflies, other mini beasts and creepy crawlies.
3. Imaginary World: Weird and wonderful, think Out of the Box! Pretty Pattern, Portrait, Profile, Prototype, Peculiar Invention - Your choice.

Where and How much?
23-24 October - In participating schools, project during school hours. (£1.50 per participant)
25 October - Drawing event at Craft Coop Maidenhead (£1 per participant)
Online: Art groups Internationally (children) are invited to take part.
The template can be printed on an A3 paper and drawings in black (free)
Fees are required to cover cost of overheads and prizes.
As part of the focus of promoting creativity, all schools participating will be offered arts training for one KS2 teacher over two Twilight sessions (3-6pm) in a local Berkshire school setting.
The focus of the sessions will be on acrylic painting and printing techniques from water colour to textile printing.

Awards to acknowledge Originality and Creativity, Derwent pencil box sets and art materials awarded through sponsors.
All drawings will be used within wider community displays and 200 drawing outcomes will be featured at the Windsor Contemporary Art Fair as a special exhibition. Hospitals, libraries and art centres will be involved as display areas.
A curated exhibition of drawings will happen at the Norden Farm Arts Centre early 2015.

Possible additional outcomes:
Prints: large scale wall paper sized decals for hospitals, libraries and community centers, this depends on funding.
Publication: A creative guide/drawing/doodle book featuring 200+drawings.
Animation: Possibilities also include Secondary schools and other Artists’ involvement in creating animations based on selected drawings.
To be part of this event and to register interest please email


Monday 11 August 2014

New work for Bristol Affordable art fair

Happy Monday! I am working on a number of paintings for the Bristol Affordable Art Fair. 19-21 September. Will's art warehouse will be representing me at the event. http://affordableartfair.com/bristol/ I will be showing a new selection of bright and whimsical paintings at this event as supposed to my more traditional Still lives and landscapes.
More info about the creative process to follow in the next few weeks.

Wednesday 6 August 2014

I'm Blogging again!

After nearly 2 years I am on this page again, news and work updated, information, things that interest and inspire me. Facebook page updated daily as well: