Tuesday 19 August 2014

Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search Contest entry.

This is my entry for the contest: Theme 'Little Terrariums'

Brief: A 7x9" Wall based artwork (print) relating to the theme of little terrariums. Audience: adult or chilren.
After considering this, I thought I'd make an artwork that covers both, adult and children, and I looked at artist who's work I admire, with a whimsical style. Miro, Klee, Chagall and Kandinsky fall into this category.

What did I want my Terrarium artwork to achieve?
It has to draw you in, colours to be lush, rich and somehow soothing. I am a colourist, and this is what I thrive on really, colour as supposed to the subject matter.
Colour interior trends for 2015 and using shapes and icons that I feel resemble my style in general had to be kept in mind. I relied heavily on my training as an (old school) textile designer to make something commercially viable, yet true to my own style.
Oh yes, words, it had to contain words, as a rule I do not like using words in art. 'Look closely, the beautiful may be small' Immanuel Kant qoute. was used.

So I ended up with an artwork I can imagine as a print, in something like a kitchen or conservatory. Possibly a playroom...Something you can get distracted by, playful, a bit of escapism.


  1. It's beautiful, Este - so many hidden surprises amongst the beautiful, lush colour. Good luck!

  2. I love it!!It's amazing and full of colourful life!

  3. You have achieved what you set out to do. This would be wonderful on the wall - it would keep adults and children alike entertained, looking for all the different features and creatures! I really love it and hope you do well.

    1. thanks so much Gina. I pictured in my head a scenario, in a conservatory or dining space where an adult and a small child might be having a meal and something to help keep the child engaged. I was planning to have more whimzies in it, animals in positive and negative space, and a list of all the things you can find when you look carefully at the print. I might do one like this still...

  4. It's absolutely stunning !!!

  5. Este your work is amazing!! I too entered the GTS and i just love your interpretation of the theme! I think you could win this!! Your style is unique and versatile! Good luck and when you get to the public vote part of this competition - you have my vote!

  6. Tiny treasure. Tricia Australia

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  8. this is so gorgeous… the more one looks, the more that is revealed! yum!

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