Explore Colour Workshops

An online course focussing on alternative ways of using our imagination, creativity, colour and acrylic paint and mediums. 
A series of tutorials and projects to explain how to use coloured background areas to develop cohesive art works from. 
A two week long program to guide participants in building compositions in layers by using colour, texture and shapes in techniques developed and used by professional artist Este MacLeod. 
Dates set 7-20 September 2015.

One eye sees, one eye feels. - Paul Klee

Interested?  Some questions to see if you could benefit from this approach to painting.

Do you have an affinity for colour?
Would you like to develop your artistic style//confidence or painting technique?
Do you need a creative boost?
Are you keen to explore new and different ways of painting with acrylic paint and mediums?
Is working more intuitively be something that appeals to you
Do you feel stuck or unmotivated?
Do you long to see things a bit differently and be more in tune with your own creativity and improving your artistic voice?
Do you have an appreciation for the art of Klee, Kandinsky, Chagall and the Colourists?

If you answer yes to two or more of these questions, you should benefit from this art course.

If the following applies to you, it is probably not the ideal course for you:
Do you work to a precise structure or method and in a very realistic style? Yes?  On the other hand if so, this course might just be what you need.. :-)
Would you like advise on marketing, galleries and licensing?
As I am not an expert in these fields, and I base information on my own experiences this is not an area I am able to offer advise on.
Digital art in any form? This course is exclusively 3D hands on paint and brush and surface.

I think most people longing to develop their creativity and refining their individual style will be able to find this course useful and valuable.

Exploring Colour part one
Whether you are an artist, designer, beginner, leisure painter or full time creative this course will be of benefit to you.
Based on an alternative methods of developing techniques to create energetic artworks with impact, something Este developed over 25 years of being a full time artist. In bite size portions she will explain in a pragmatic way the techniques she uses to create a rich, colour based, cohesive painting.

How will teaching online work?
The course will take place over two weeks, with tutorials and videos showing the way. The main focus will be scheduled over two weekends, assignments will be explained on a website, and interaction and sharing the process of discovery via an exclusive facebook group encouraged.

There will be a limit to 60 participants for this course to enable me to give individual guadance and feedback and I will engage directly with each course participant, offer hands on advise and options via digital media and email. (This is not a digital art course though!)
In 2014 Este became a GOLDEN* artist educator. I utelise this vast range of professional art materials including the full paint range as well as mediums and pastes to create artworks.

Part one is developed around the use of layers applied on a background created by what appears to be a very spontaneous and eratic application of colours in patterns. There's method in this madness though :-) You'll see.

A total of three 16"x16" paintings will be worked on over course, with attention to the following:
Drawing, yes drawing, not to worry if you are not dedicated to drawing, it is one of the ways to discover and develop your own style in a way that will surprise you, no drawing skills required.

Colours: Creating them from a process colour palette of 10 colours and exploring how they react with one another by being layered, diluted, and applied in a variety of ways to achieve a complete spectrum to be used.
Techniques, creating an interesting background with energy, texture, variety and lines using a small but powerful selection of paintbrushes and printing materials.
Composition, finding out what works best for the different assignments as they unfold, refining shapes and creating cohesive well balanced artworks.

As a professional painter Este uses Golden art materials and these will be used in the course tutorials including gesso and paint medium. There are other suitable brands as well a list will be made available in due course.
Canvas and or art board. 3x 16"x16" sizes will be required
Paintbrushes (to be advised on)
An open mind, this is the most important requirement and key to success.
The course is about pushing the boundaries of our comfort zones, a requirement to learn and develop.

The cost of this course is £150 with an early bird discount of 15% off. 
Only 60 participants per course.
Materials are not included in this price. Golden art materials can be obtained in hampers representing 20% discount on RRP, more info to follow.
This course will be on sale from June.
More information will be posted in May 2015 on www.explorecolour.com 
Email este@estemacleod.com if you are interested of have question about this course.