Saturday 18 October 2014

The Question Mark Creative Challenge: info and guidelines.

Here is the template to be used by over 1000 children during the #TheBigDraw month:

The basic guidelines to teachers and tutors
  • Firstly: name, school and age on sheets in pen please
  • The Doodle can be used in any direction. The symbol is irrelevant - it's just a starting point for the drawing and need not be prominent once completed.
  • Derwent Inktense pencil and template provided to local schools and clubs. For everyone else please download the template and print A3. Draw using black pencil, thick felt tip or crayon (HB graphite too thin and faint).
  • NO RUBBING OUT. Will smudge, and intuituve drawings encouraged.
  • NO COLOUR. Line drawings without shading, it is important to show the drawing clearly.
  • Maximum of 30 minutes allowed per drawing in school time (it should go faster than this though)
  • Indicate with an 'X' on reverse if children don't want their artwork to be used in potential collages, animations or publications.
  • Indicate chosen theme (1, 2 or 3 - see below).
  • The purpose of this exercise is to connect with our own creativity, to show the importance of drawing in a modern world, to be part of a bigger community project and something positive and fun.
  • By using the different themes there is something for everyone to draw, from an elaborate drawing to a simple shape. Children are encouraged to make whatever they draw unique and original. If two children draw something similar, e.g. a love heart, look at ways of making it their own (by adding shapes, patterns etc.)
  • Drawings might not fit into the square box. If children want, the reverse can be used my repositioning and tracing the question mark doodle.

OUR WORLD is the Big Draw 2014 theme.
  • To aid visualisation there are three sub themes:
  • Natural world - anything found in and on and above the earth, fauna and flora, animals, fish, trees, plants etc.
  • Small world - insects, creepy crawlies, bugs, butterflies etc.
  • Imaginary world - think out of the box: what do you see? A portrait, profile,  prototype, pretty pattern ... Be original, it's your choice.

  • Local schools - once finished please cut off the information on the right hand side. Children should give this to parents as  it has information on venues and where all work will be exhibited.
  • Drawings collected from schools by 6th November for selected display at the Windsor Contemporary Art Fair.
  • Even though this is not a competition, originality and creativity will be rewarded.
  • Exhibitions
  • Work will be shown at the Windsor Contemporary Art Fair, other local venues and at a curated show with larger artworks at the Norden Farm Arts Centre.
  • During this time, hands on art workshops for KS2 teachers from the primary schools in Berkshire taking part will happen. More info to follow.

International participation
  • Schools, organisations and individuals - it is possible to take part wherever you are.
  • The target group for is ages 5-14, but other ages can join in as well (adults are also welcome). Please state group on any drawings submitted.
  • The black and white template can be downloaded from Dropbox, or email este to have the file sent to you.
  • Please let me know if you take part, as this will be used in a map to be exhibited in January.
  • Follow the same guidelines for drawings and send images of outcomes to este or share via instagram: #thequestionmarkcreativechallenge

More info at THE BIG DRAW

Apart from the project in schools, there will be options for all ages to join in the making of larger artworks based on the same idea of the Question Mark Creative Challenge. By visiting various venues and events children 5-14 will have a chance to make drawings on the printed templates, and all ages will get the chance to be part in creating a large interactive artwork around the same idea.

Craft Coop  on Saturday 25 October 10-3pm 
Afrovibes Festival at South Hill Park Arts Centre 
1 November 10-3pm
The Windsor Contemporary Art Fair
8-9 November at Windsor race course. (two for one ticket offer)
Jackson's art materials 10% discount offer 1-14 November.
 Coupon code NOVEMBER10