Monday, 12 October 2015

Drawing with letters

Vision is the art of seeing the invisible.          Jonathan Swift

It's Big Draw time again. Last year's Question mark creative challenge was great, more than 1200 children took part in the drawing project globally.
This year I a drawing project, fun and a bit different, for people from everywhere to join in, not just children. 
The idea is simple and is based on a creative exercise to engage with shapes and forms. 
How it works: 
An A4 template with the handwritten words t e l l  m e  a  s t o r y printed upside down is to be used to create a flower garden drawing with.  

The letters, acting as shapes, to be incorporated in a drawing of a flower garden, only black lines, no colour to be used. 
This template is also a handy card when done in the UK at different venues. One thousand cards had been printed and available to be used as long as stocks last; see The Big Draw for details. 
On World Kindness day Friday13 November 2015, the completed card artwork is to be given to an adult to be coloured in. The idea is to give it to someone in need of a thank you or cheering up. The colouring aspect is in response to the trend for grown ups to colour in. I came upon the idea of creating a card and colouring in combination after one of my paintings was featured in the Autumn edition of Fitting into my Creative Community Project concept it is an added bonus to be doing something fun and art related in schools and art fairs involving the wider public as well. 

Join in this project, schools, groups, individuals, artists, young and old, any time from now until 13 November when I will be doing a live Periscope letter drawing session from 7-7:30pm at the Windsor Contemporary Art Fair.

The card as it appears, A3 size, to be folded in half, on the back page is a finished #lettergarden, a drawing I made from the words 'Every drawing tells a story' (upside down)  this can be coloured in as well, lots of birds, insects, hearts and eyes are hidden, a little bit of fun for eyes to seek out and colour in. Here is the Dropbox link to download the template. You can download the A3 size, of just the front of the card with the large writing on it.
See the youtube chanel  for videos of letter drawings. 

Alongside the purpose of this drawing project to promote art and creativity in the community I'm raffling a painting for Sightsavers, a vision charity. 

Donate £2 or more to Sightsavers via Justgiving Every £2 buys a virtual ticket. An original painting of 30x30cm, based on the concept of letters in art is being auctioned.

Lettergardens, the original painting being raffled.


  1. Este,

    I love this idea. so simple but filled with infinite possibilities. Just today signed up for you blog. Am a long time fan of your work and admirer of your community work. Thanks for the fun exercise.

  2. Hi Jane please see dropbox link if you would like to print it off and join in.

  3. What a great idea. I'll share with my secondary school - a good exercise for English and Art. Thank you 🌸🌷💐🌼

  4. I've done a garden doodle on your 'tell me a story' sheet. It's a bit feeble but I'll share it on Instagram if you like - is it #letterdrawings?

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    1. Marven I do not ever get prints done on canvas. I do limited edition on paper only. I paint on canvas.

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