Sunday 8 February 2015

Spring is in the air..

..and so is love.
For this week ending with Valentine's day, I have been creating some paintings featuring hearts.
A bit of love and colour in these paintings to brighten up your day.
I'll also be picking a winner of a print of a brand new image. 
To go into the draw just leave the number you guessed in the comments box. The question is:
'How many hearts shapes can you seen in the painting 'Spring is in the air'
Winner picked from all entries next Saturday 14 February, regardless of the answer.

'Spring is in the air' 40x40cm acrylic on linen. Original available, limited edition of 50 40x40cm prints available on

Two 22x30cm deep stretched paintings are available as well from my studio.
Pink bird 22x30cm Acrylic on deep stretched canvas. Available 

'Canary' 22x30cm acrylic on deep stretched canvas. Available.


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  2. I see one really truly red heart and a bunch of other stylized hearts, especially in the tulip shapes!! (Keeping my fingers crossed for the lucky draw!!)

  3. Didn't know if my email came through to you - - in case I win!!

  4. I counted 13 - hoping that is the lucky number! Lovely work - full of heart and hearts!

  5. Many shapes and colors, just one red heart.
    Hearty Valentine's Day!

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